Jan de Bont made a great debut in Hollywood with the movie “Speed” with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, followed by a brilliant career as the most-requested cinematographer.
De Bont began making 8mm films in his youth in Eindhoven. During his school years he was fascinated by film. This resulted in a opleidng at the Film Academy in Amsterdam. In the fifties it was fashionable to make films in Paris with a low budget. As Jan de Bont was a prominent figure in the Dutch New Wave movement of young filmmakers, which was examined inter alia to legends like Jean-Luc Godard. De Bont learned all aspects of filmmaking. Of cameraman and soundman for editing scripts. He made his first documentary film school and founded his own film society. De Bont made weekly episodes of the comedy series “Express”.
Since he is one of the few professional cameramen was in a city full of upcoming directors, De Bont was a much sought after film director of films like (1961) “Paranoia”, which won prizes at the Berlin Film Festival, the Venice and Oberhausenfilmfestivals.
Ten years later, he made the film “The Wrestler”, which the marking was the directorial debut of Paul Verhoeven, with whom Jan de Bont made some remarkable films: “Strictly Business,” the Oscar-nominated film “Turkish Delight” “Keetje Streetwalking”, “Soldier of Orange”, “splashes” and “The Fourth Man”. For all his work, he received the Kodak Cinematography Award, similar to the American Oscar. In 1992 he also won the Rembrandt Award, the Dutch version of The People’s Choice Award.
De Bont came to Hollywood in 1981 as a cameraman. He quickly established a reputation as an excellent director, where he worked with greats such as Lewis Teague ( “Jewel of the Nile”), Jim Abrahams ( “Ruthless People”), James Foley ( “Who’s That Girl”), John McTiernan ( “Die Hard”), Ridley Scott ( “Black Rain”), Joel Schumacher ( “Flatliners”), Richard Donner ( “Leathal Weapon 3”), and of course, Paul Verhoeven, who also came to Hollywood. Their collaboration resulted in “Flesh and Blood”, “The Fourth Man” and “Basic Instinct.”
In 1993 De Bont was his real chance to “Speed” to make a name in the film and established his reputation as an action director in Hollywood with only one film.
After “Twister” is Jan de Bont began preparations for “Speed ​​2: Cruise Control”, containing this time Jason Patric instead of Keanu Reeves, who refused to play once in a movie, but Sandra Bullock .


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