Give your snookums a new romantic nickname? Below is a list of 250 of the most popular romantic nicknames! From Hot Mama to Cool Breeze, we’ve got you covered! Don’t Forget: When choosing a nickname for your partner, make sure it has some special meaning for the two of you.

All Mine Angel Angel Baby
Angel Bunny Angel Eyes Angel Face
Angel Girl Babe Babes
Baby Baby Angel Baby Bear
Baby Boo Baby Cakes Baby Doll
Baby Doodle Baby Face Baby Girl
Baby Love Babycheeks Babylicious
Bad Kitty Beautiful Big Daddy
Big Guy Big Kitty Blue Eyes
Boo Bear Boo-Boo Boogie Bear
Boy Toy Braveheart Bright Eyes
Brown Sugar Bubba Bubbles
Bunny Buttercup Butterfly
Butterscotch Canoodle Captain
Captain Underpants Care Bear Cheesecake
Cherry Pie Chickadee Chocolate
Chocolate Bunny Chocolate Drop Cookie
Cool Breeze Cowboy Cuddle Bear
Cuddle Bug Cuddle Bunny Cuddle Cakes
Cuddles Cupcake Cupid
Cuppy Cake Cutie Cutie Pie
Cutiehead Darling Darlington
Dear Dearest Dearest One
Dearheart Deep Waters Devil
Dimples Doll Face Doodle Bug
Dove Dreamlover Firecracker
Firefly Fluffy Goose
Gorgeous Gumdrop Gummie Bear
Handsome Hon Honey
Honey Bear Honey Bee Honey Bunch
Honey Bunny Honey Buns Honey Lamb
Honey Lips Honey Love Honey Muffin
Honey Pie Honey Plum Hot Honey
Hot Mama Hot Stuff Hotcakes
Hottie Hubby Wubby Ironman
Kit Kat Kitten Lady Bug
Lemon Drop Little Kinky Little Mama
Little Monkey Little Muppet Lollipop
Love Love Angel Love Bear
Love Bug Love Heart Love Muffin
Love Nugget Love Sponge Loveable
Lovealump Lovebird Lover
Lover Boy Lover Bunny Lovey Dovey
Lovie Luvs Mami
Merlin Mi Amor Mistress
Monkey Muffin Munchkin
My Angel My Beloved My Buttercup
My Heart My King My Lion
My Love My Lovely My Queen
Papa Bear Papi Passion Fruit
Petal Poohbear Pookie
Pookie Bear Precious Precious Angel
Precious Princess Pretty Lady Prince
Prince Charming Princess Puddin’
Pumpkin Punkin’ Puppy
Pussycat Red Rose Scrumptious
Sex Kitten Sex Machine Sex Muffin
Sexy Sexy Bear Sexy Kitten
Sexy Lady Sexy Legs Sexy Pie
Sexy Sweet Thang Smoochie Poo Snickerdoodle
Snookie Snookums Snow Bunny
Snow Pea Snowflake Snuggle Bear
Snuggle Bug Snuggle Bunny Snuggle Pooh
Snuggles Sparky Star Starfish
Starshine Stinker Stud Muffin
Sugar Sugar Babe Sugar Bear
Sugar Biscuit Sugar Britches Sugar Buns
Sugar Cookie Sugar Free Sugar Lips
Sugar Mama Sugar Muffin Sugar Pants
Sugar Pie Sugar Pumpkin Sugarplum
Sunshine Sunshine Superman
Sweet Sweet Baby Sweet Cheeks
Sweet Kitten Sweet Lover Sweet Pea
Sweet Peach Sweet Stuff Sweet Tart
Sweetheart Sweetie Sweetie Pie
Sweetness Sweets Sweetums
Sweety Cakes Tadwinks Teddy
Teddy Bear Temptress Tiger
Tigress Tootsie Roll Tulip
Tweetums Twinkie Twinkle Toes
Waffles Wiggles Witchy
Woobie Wookie Wookums
Wuggle Bear Wuggles Yummy Bear


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