Girl: We just moved in around here. We heard you play, so we decided we’d come up and find out who it was.
Captain Beefheart: (laughs) O, ho, yes. Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band.
Boy: Really?
Captain Beefheart: Yeah.
(short pause)
Captain Beefheart: Where did you move here from?
Girl: Oh, just from —
Boy: (interrupting) Reseda.
Girl: Yeah.
Captain Beefheart: Reseda?
Girl: Yeah.
Captain Beefheart: She’s nice…
Captain Beefheart: What do you think?
Visitors together: Sounds good.
Captain Beefheart: It’s a bush recording. We’re out recording the bush. Name of the composition is “Me -, Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish”.
Boy: Hum.
Girl: Um.
Captain Beefheart: No! It’s: ‘Hair Pie’.
Girl: Looks you don’t find the drummer now.
Boy: Huh!

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