Family window

Breda, Hoogeveen, Beverwijk, Amsterdam. Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. Kennemer familie Aardenburg.

Cannery Hoogeveen.

Founded in 1929 as Lucas Aardenburg NV Cannery ‘Kennemer. The plant was run by brother Jan Aardenburg as branch Holding NV Lucas Aardenburg’s Import-Export in Beverwijk. Initially only a cannery, also focused on frozen since 1952.

Aardenburg Lucas had in 1960 290 employees. That year, the factory was taken over by IGLOO, part of the Unilever group. Even after the acquisition, the Aardenburg family was represented on the board. In 1966 stopped production of canning.

Final 1970 people worked there in 1125. For Iglo / Lucas Aardenburg 1978 was a disastrous year there escaped ammonia from refrigeration equipment and thousand tons of spoiled frozen food had to be transported to the VAM. Increasing competition the company did no good. In 1990 there were only 360 employees; in November of that year the permanent closure was announced. In the area of ​​the factory is a residential risen.

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