Bome alome

The film Bome Alome needs no special introduction, everyone has ever seen him. May also around Christmas. This film is pure youth sentiment, but there are also things you did not know. We delved into the facts of these films and some things found you did not know, really …

1. Girlfriend Buzz (brother of Kevin)

Is not really a girl. This guy happens to be the son of the artistic director who is dressed as a girl. Here would be chosen for a girl to cause any trauma by so look like.

2. “Harry swore quite a lot …

Actor Joe Pesci (who plays Harry) often forgot that it was a children’s film. He then uses often the F-word during the shooting. The director advised him to replace it with ‘fridge’.

3. Kevin was REALLY scared for Harry

To make more realistic the movie Wild Joe Pesci (Harry) minimal contact with Macaulay Culkin (Kevin). Because of this he was also during the actual shooting really afraid of the villain of the film.

4.Angels With Filthy Souls is not a real movie

The film Angels With Filthy Souls that was used throughout the film (among other things to scare the bad guys) is not a real movie. This was recorded specially for Home Alone and only used in the film.

5. Tarantula on the face Marv is REAL!

The Tarantula that is used in the film is a real one. To not scare the beast Marv had this scene make the facial expression without sound, although it looks different. Poor creature …

6. <bome Alome is almost completely absorbed in Chicago, but …

Paris also the airport was actually Chicago (O'Hare International Airport). The business class seats were actually chairs on a basketball court at a local school and the swimming pool was used for the scene with the flooded basement.

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